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Our app brings the best experience for working out.

Redefining the way you train with flexible options for online, in-person and hybrid training.

A personal trainer uses our technology to prescribe sessions, saving time and making incredible customized training affordable.

Plan and organize your workouts quickly

We are a technological platform for Personal Trainer Coachs, we help you to plan, organize, and increase your gains with a more professional, innovative, and personal service.


Grow your business, add value to Personalized Coaching Career. Develop your Brand. Save time with planning and training hours. Add value to your work as Personal Trainer. Start providing a professional, one-to-one, personalized coaching experience that scales your business with higher quality.

The TreinoJunto app is present in more than 8 countries.


Can’t find the exercise you’re looking for? Add your own picture or video. Never again you will be limited.

Spreadsheets are outdated.  Use your library of videos exercises to perform your personal training program, then deliver them straight to your clients’ phones with easy automation.

Build stronger relationships with your clients through TreinoJunto. The best to retain and motive them. Full Anamnesis, ParQ and relevant information.

Coming soon.

The same app, one version for you and another for your clients, limitless clients.

The best way to advertise your services based on your qualifications and customers requirements. Coming soon.


Invest in Your Personal Training Business. Plans that fit your business, with plenty of room to grow, with the best cost-benefit in the market

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